Better indication of current recording in Recordings tab

Nothing critical, but a nice to have. The grid guide and On Now tabs do an excellent job of visually showing what is currently recording. I'd love to have the Recordings tab also provide greater visibility into what is currently recording. Perhaps something similar to how the On Now tab does it, where current recordings have the left side of the icon turn a dark red color. On the Recordings tab, maybe the top right corner, where it shows number of episodes, could be dark red instead of purple. Sometimes it would be nice to see what is recording at the moment, and going to the Recordings tab would be the easiest. I use the app on iOS and tvOS, so consider this request for both :slight_smile:

Thanks for considering!

The Scheduled tab does the same: in progress recordings are indicated with a red dot, while upcoming recordings are indicated by a clock icon.

Are you referring to DVR tab -> Scheduled Recordings?

Yes, a red dot on current recordings within the Recordings tab would work as well. Any clear visual indication will work for me :slight_smile:

In the WebUI of the DVR, it is under DVR > Schedule. There, under the description of the program is a drop-down that reads "Queued" for upcoming recordings, and I believe it is "Recording" for in-progress recordings.

In the Channels (or Channels DVR) app, it is under Schedule (for Android/FireOS), or DVR > Schedule for tvOS/iOS. There in-progress recordings have the red dot, while upcoming recordings have the clock icon.

Yeah, too many clicks. Makes more sense for the items listed immediately on the Recordings tab to visually indicate it if the recording is active.


If you click on an episode in the Recordings view, there is a red dot indicator on the details window that comes up.

I agree it would be nice to see currently recording items at a glance on that view without any clicks.

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@tmm1 yeah, I'd need to go to Recordings tab -> Show -> Episode, and then I can see it. Too many clicks. :blush: Again, this is not a critical request, but at least for me, the Recordings tab is the logical place to see what is currently recording. Being able to see what is recording at the top level would be a great UI update to have. Thanks for considering it!

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