Better integration between Channels and Plex apps?

Channels and Plex are the two apps most used on our home theater and other TVs. I would really like to see some better integration between the two.

Perhaps be able to see Channels Recent recordings as a hub in Plex home screen would be great. Or be able to bring one or more of the plex hubs as a item in the Channels DVR app. Would be great to be able to watch the evening news and a few tv shows each evening all in one place without app swapping.

Just posting up for some discussion on possible feature upgrades.

You can already share media between the two apps. If you want your Channels stuff to show up in Plex, add your Channels directory as a Library in Plex. If you want your Plex stuff to show up in Channels, add your movie directories under Local Content in Channels.

Thanks. Looking forward to being able to add local content TV Shows to Channels. I need to try mapping the Channels recordings in plex again. Its been some time since I tried that last but plex was very slow to show new recordings to the point that it made it a pain to watch the evening news via plex as the recording was never there until you manually scanned for new files.

One thing I found that is a pain when sharing Channels recordings with plex is that it lumps same Titles together it does not add the year to the folder .. For example MacGyver ... The Outer Limits ... Charmed ... Magnum PI and so on.

Do you have your Plex configured to scan your library automatically?

Honestly, I think the TV viewing experience is much better in Channels than Plex. Particularly with auto commercial skipping. Even though Channels does allow local content now, I still prefer Plex for movies and Channels for TV. But that's just me.

Yes, plex is set to scan automatically. It eventually does but its no where close to real time.

I also agree the tv watching experience is much better in Channels. I look forward to being able to bring tv episodes from my archive into Channels. At least the shows we are currently watching. Not the entire library.