Beware FBI season finale Prodigal Son is not what aired

For those FBI fans the finale that was supposed to air today is not the finale the show itself is a rerun.... with the Finale title.

Oh perfect!

It's the one where Maggie is undercover in a bar looking for a bomber.

Oh yeah I remember that episode. I wonder if your local station played the wrong episode or all stations played the wrong episode. I have a HDHomeRun. But I'm also behind like 4 episodes. Going to catch up now with every show going to finales.

I even watched the episode on Comcast stream to see and it is the wrong finale. I hope the other FBI shows are ok.

Interesting, that crazy. I haven't seen an episode ever the wrong one airied. Let me go check my recording out and see.

Yep, they aired the wrong episode tonight. I wonder if they aired the wrong episodes on the other FBI's as well.

Makes sense thanks ... I guess I will just delete it and set my pass to recorded deleted all episodes.

Your welcome bro. Will do the same. Thanks!

Is there a way to delete just the episode from the database instead of marking the pass to record all deleted episodes?

Long standing request, but believe no. This is a perfect case for it, too.

Dang. Maybe as a workaround create a rule that has the “record all deleted” checked, put conditions for this episode season and number, then make it higher priority than the season pass recording rule?

Yes, there is. Mark the episode as not recorded.

Then pause and resume that pass so it picks up the change.

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How do you mark the episode as not recorded?

Screenshot 2022-05-25 at 08-48-21 Channels Guide

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If you need to use "the curl method" I mentioned in the thread I linked.

using the curl method for FBI (2018) SeriesID 15528073 ProgramID EP029715140081 S04E22 - Prodigal Son

Find the tms ProgramID for the Prodigal Son episode that you recorded.
Example assuming the tms ProgramID for FBI (2018) - S04E22 - Prodigal Son is EP029715140081
run this curl command at a command line
replacing with the IP address and port for your DVR, and replacing EP029715140081 with the tms ProgramID of the recording you want to mark as not recorded. Then pause and resume all passes that record it so they pick up the change.

...and that's the rub. If it were in the guide, it would be easier just to record it manually. Don't want to have to worry about it.

I'll try the curl bit later - thanks!

The broadcast episode recorded even though it was rerun because the guide was not updated. This was a last minute decision because of the subject content and the current shooting news. CBS said the real finale may never be shown, but a new air date for the finale has yet to be determined. Will most likely never be broadcast but made available for streaming online.