Big Ten Network TVE not working

Getting "context cancelled" after doing rescan in response to playback failure.
Big Ten Network TVE working for anyone?

Click the fix button on Support > Troubleshooting

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I'm getting "Cable Provider Authentication Failed" for BTN as well but FS1 and FS2 work. If I go to the the Fox Sports App as well, all the channels work. I'm on DirecTV Stream and the latest beta.

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4f6757d9-7672-4c8a-b05f-c89418976f34 is the logs record I sent in.

Fix button not an option because TVE is green when "troubleshooting" selected, so nothing to fix...

What version of DSM?


DSM 7.0

400 error

You need to update to prerelease

Just upgraded to 7

Hi. Just did an update to version 2021.09.29.0042, then did TVE rescan, and Big Ten Network is not showing up. Any ideas?

Did you go into the rescan menu? What is the error next to BTN? What happens if you click rescan next to that channel only?

If I go I to "Edit" mode, that channel says "context cancelled". If I tell Big Ten Network to rescan, comes back with same "context cancelled" error.

Submit diagnostics and email support

I've had the issue with big ten for a little while now too, works fine on the fox app. Updated to 2021.10.01.0607 and still have the issue. Any ideas? This is the issue I get

[ERR] Failed to start stream for ch6199: TVE: "no login form found"

Do you get the same error when you try to rescan just that channel?
If so, you should submit diagnostics from the DVR web UI.

BTN is now working for me. I submitted diagnostics and worked w support.

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BTN is down for me using Dish Network. It was working up until I last checked (this week). Is there a fix for this?

The Big10 Network on Dish Network TVE is coming up not Authorized. Any chance @tmm1 or anyone could take a look? Would love to record the football game this evening.

I'm using Youtube TV and have lost fox, FS1 FS2 and big10
Everyting checks out and i have submitted logs
I'm using the lastest pre-release.
When my channels tries to validate the missing channels, it brings my system to a crawl.

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Directs stream tve not working for me either.

Logs 0fb648f7-2b6b-4df5-66cf50ed9154