Black screen on Android mobile

Running latest beta on a Google Pixel 3a results in a black video screen with the audio playing in the background. When changing the video decoder to software from hardware, it works as expected. Diagnostics uploaded. Anyone else having the same issue?

I just noticed that o my Pixel 3, my OTA channels from my HDHR Connect Q are just a black screen, with audio playing. App version 2.1.21.beta-v101090113

TVE channel streams all play fine.

After reading the above post, i changed the decoder to Hybrid and that restored playback on those channels.

I have the same app version installed on Fire 8 HD tablet with an older version of Android, work fine. Also works fine my old Nexus 5X with Android 9. So maybe a Andrid 10 thing??

I can just guess that the Hybrid option is like an Auto, where it will use software decode for video streams it needs to, and hardware for others.

PS. Beta section of these forum can not post too? The New Topic button is greyed out.