Bleak future for Harmony remotes

Interesting article about the future (or lack there of) of Harmony remotes. It looks like they might discontinue the products. Disappointing, because I absolutely love my Harmony remotes. But I guess it makes sense.

I have a Harmony Elite that I have retired for now as there is no need for it ... with CEC and the new FireTV Cubes able to control my entertainment system I curently have no use for my Harmony remote.

I also used to use Harmony remotes, many years ago. But now something as simple as an AppleTV remote can control your whole home. Technology has advanced and there are much better ways than programmable remotes.

Thanks for posting. I love my Harmony remotes. They are wonderful.

Well that would SUCK.. My home automation system (HomeSeer) integrates well with it via plug-in..