Bonjour advertising 169.254 address space


Recently I noticed my DVR (running on QNAP NAS) says its advertising on Bonjour on 7 networks including This caused a number of log messages on my firewall, doesn't seem to be hurting the functionality at all. Just weird?


Can you post the output of http://x.x.x.x:8089/system/network




Thanks. This is fixed in the latest DVR pre-release build. To update, hold the SHIFT key and click the Check for Updates button on the DVR's web settings UI.


Looks good, just updated and just my local lan is listed, Thanks!


Well, so that issue looks to be fixed, what's odd is now my two HDHomeRun tuners so on the status page as having 169.254.x.x addresses, instead of the 192.168.250.x static addresses they have.


Huh, that's strange. Try clicking the gear dropdown and select Scan Network.


Tried that, I can reach both tuners thru their web interfaces on their 192.168.250.x address, no mention of the 169 addresses on them..


Can you try add tuner manually and enter the correct IP address?


So this is funny, if I do the above, the tuners change to their correct 192.168 addresses, until I click scan network, then they revert back to 169.254 addresses..weird. They funny thing is it's not hurting anything as far as I can tell, shows were recorded without issue this morning.

It's almost like the HD HomeRuns are telling it their IPs are 169.254.x.x even though they have valid 192.168.250.x addresses


Yea that's super weird. The DVR also does an auto-rescan every few hours, so the IPs will revert to the wrong versions automatically.

Are you able to record something off the guide when the 169 ips are listed? I'm afraid it might fail if the IPs are not correct.


I'll test and let you know. I am starting to think there is something wrong with the HD HomeRun boxes. I am also now seeing in my unifi dashboard they are reporting the same 169.254 addresses, yet they answer to ping and web interfaces via their 192.168 ones, almost like a dual stack IP address setup or something..


Seems strange your image shows Channels DVR advertising with Bonjour via 5 networks, but it only lists one of them (


Mine says Advertising dvr-eric-pc.local. via 2 networks: Both are on Ethernet 2


Mine shows 4 networks, but only eth0 is physically connected to anything. The rest terminate in etherspace...


I am seeing the exact same issue. Also use Unifi, but everything seems to work fine. Very weird.


Yeah the issues seems to have cleared. The only change I made was to set a static DHCP entry for both HD Homerun tuners. Never impacted my recordings. Just strange.


This is harmless. The way bonjour works, it only advertises the addresses attached to a given interface. So if you have a wifi IP, it will send that over wifi. If you have a ethernet IP it will send that over ethernet. If you have some random 169.x addresses on an interface that's unused, they will never be used.