Bonjour for away from home connection?

I have an away from home device set up to use the channels Dvr server at my house. It routinely loses its connection and needs to be re-authed to the dvr server. Is there any way to set up my own Bonjour service at that remote location to somehow automatically configure the Away from Home settings?

You may want to search for zeroconf repeater or mdns repeater in your search engine of choice.

What client device/OS is losing the connection?

I am actually having this issue with 2 different Chromecast with Google TV devices, and 2 Fire TV Sticks. They seem to lose their "connection" after losing power.

I was hoping to either set up a local Channels DVR server at that remote location, then somehow add my primary DVR server as some sort of "source" option (possibly if I use the m3u option?), or by doing some sort of bonjour-style auto configuration "thingy".