Boot Drive + new drive from normal DVR + prerelease pi image = boot loop on the pi

Sorry for the somewhat useless post - we had a lightning strike, which took out my M1 mini, so i brought my pi back into action.

Everything worked on the stable pi build, after buying a cheap SSD to boot (which BTW, i think should be a suggestion here - the ability to quickly rebuild the boot drive off of image, and start fresh is pretty sweet)

Inserted my 4TB WD USB drive off of the Mac, mounts as /media/DVR-sdb9, restored the latest db, and everything runs perfectly.

I then tried updating to the prerelease pi build, seeing as the stable one is pretty old. Bootloop basically right on startup.

Rebuilt the boot drive from image, then upgraded the OS before restoring, and was fine. Inserted the big HDD, restarted, and the bootloop again.

I would share a screenshot from the bootloop, but the lightning strike took the TV closest to pi away too :frowning: Let me know if any details on the working setup might help...

This happens when you attach two drives that have both been imaged by the Pi OS image. It gets confused about which one to use.

Makes sense, I honestly couldn't remember if the "big" drive was reformatted after being the pi drive long ago. A reboot on the stable version gave a bootloop too, so 100% confirmed, in my mind. Thanks! I'm now up on the latest pre-release OS build.

Any way to safely "de-pi" the big drive? Not the end of the world, if not, as i hope to get my mac back eventually, but would be nice if i could do an "easier" reboot.