Brand new, need DVR install advice on Mac Mini

Not sure where to ask this, so I did it here.
Brand new, got my HDHR Flex4k yesterday.
I want to install the channels plus dvr server on my 2018 Mac mini.
My questions are:
If I install the software on my Mini, does it now ONLY act as a channels server?
To be clear, I want to be able to use the computer for computer stuff too, not have it ONLY for Channels DVR.
If it ties it up as just a server, I noticed on the installation instructions that I could copy a Terminal command to make it work in the background.
Is that what I need, and does that complicate things in anyway?
Sorry for the noob questions, but I’m older and tech doesn’t come to me as clearly as it once did. Lol

Just use the installer. The DVR is a program that runs in your Mac menu bar. You can still use the computer for other things.

Thank you.
Seriously, it’s embarrassing to ask these naive questions, and believe it or not, I used to have a good mind for tech.
But that was then, and now , not so much.

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Note that the computer must be on inorder for Channels to work.
DVR software severs most often are installed on low power devices that are always left on.
The Mac Mini is fine, but you must leave in on all the time and disable its sleep function, if you wish to always have access to Channels DVR on your clients and for set recordings.

yes, I do know about this. in a week or so, ill go the raspberry pi route, I just wanted to see it in action now.
right now, I'm still doing the old man dance. I friggin signed up, it says my subscription is active, but when I go to the app on my ATV4K, it says something like"looks like you haven't signed up yet"
ill figure it out eventually

I didn't set the storage/zip code etc.
ill get this eventually.....

Yep, got it.
Love this so far.
Thanks for the advice


I have a 2010 Mac mini running channels dvr and plex. This machine is acting as a media server, but I am very pleasantly surprised how little cpu resources the channels server uses. Most of the time I’m doing in house watching, so there is no transcoding. There is a little bit more cpu usage after recordings are completed when the comskip (commercial detection) processing takes place.

I’m pretty sure your 2018 Mac mini blows my processor away, and I’ll bet you can do some serious computing work in parallel with the channels dvr server.

Hope this helps