Breezeline "Stream TV"

I have a problem I could use some help with! My HOA supplies our cable service, using Breezeline, and currently it is a coaxial cable type service. I am told they are changing out our equipment, and will no longer have a coaxial cable type of service; switching to a service called "Stream TV".
With that being said, I will no longer have a cable card to use with my HD Homerun box and getting somewhat freaked out, to put it mildly! I have been using Channels for quite a few years, and it is a lifesaver for me due to the fact that we travel all over the US in our RV and as long as we have a good Starlink signal, we can watch our local shows and recordings anywhere.
I am hoping that you might have a solution to incorporate this “Stream TV” signal into my Channels setup so I can continue to enjoy my traveling TV service. I would really appreciate any suggestions you may have on this issue.

General options open.
"Stream TV" is unknown what it is yet.


  1. Credentials work for TVE. And you get compatible TVE channels
  2. It does not work and you either switch to "Stream TV" or leave
  3. HDMI capture or Chrome Capture ¿might? Be a solution.
  4. Other options. Sign up with a live tv atreaming service (Hulu Live, Philo, Youtube TV, etc.) And import those feeds into channels.
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Take a look and login through Breezline to see what you got

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I wanted to clarify my question concerning "Breezeline Stream". Currently, I have a HD Homerun box and a cable card provided by Breezeline, my local cable tv service provider. My Channels DVR Server is installed on my Mac mini. As I understand it, Breezeline is getting rid of my "cable" service, and giving me this:
From what I understand, all of my TV Shows, Netflix, Prime, etc. will all be internet based and no longer broadcast over cable. My biggest concern is how do I incorporate this service into my current Channels setup? The box they provide runs on Tivo/Android and only has one output, an HDMI port. There is also an ethernet connection, but from what I understand, that is only to help with a poor Wi-Fi signal.
I have used Channels for as many years as it has been available, and love everything about it! The biggest bonus for us is when we travel the country in our RV. I have Starlink, so Channels goes everywhere I do, and I don't want to lose the ability to watch "my stuff".
I am hoping someone has this type of service and was able to use it with Channels. I don't think it is the same as TVE as I currently have that in my existing setup. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

There's a myriad of tools here that could use that (CC4C, HDMI, ah4c, adbtuner). I recommend you read those threads

Also Breezeline has their TV apps so you could still watch via Android TV devices which makes it easier to just get a FireTV or onn or chromecast and a HDMI capture card and run that via adb. You'd have to figure out their deeplinks tho (or how to change channels in but it is doable

TVE will still work bar the channels that has DRM

Thanks for the reply and the suggestions. I may need to pick your brain once my new equipment arrives.