Browsing seasons

When browsing a show that has a lot of seasons, there are a couple of improvements that could be made:

  • On iOS, you can see the season headings, but you have to scroll through all episodes between the start (or end depending on settings) to the episode you want to watch. There is no way that I can find to browse by season. Take the Simpsons for example, there are well over 20 seasons and if you're working your way through season 10 (for example) then each time you go to watch, you have to scroll through all the rest of the recordings. Which leads nicely on to my second point...
  • When you've recently watched an episode of a show, the episode that Channels suggests next to play should be the episode immediately after the one last watched. Generally, it seems to suggest the most recent episode which is unlikely to be the one you actually want to watch unless you've watched all other episodes previous to it, in which case it would be the next episode suggested if my proposed change were implemented.

The second suggestion above applies to AppleTV and web interface as well. But I'm not going to repeat this everywhere.