Buffer multiple OTA streams?

I have an HDHomerun Quatro as my tuner. Is there a way to have all 4 of the tuners continue to watch and buffer different channels all the time as TiVo does? That way if I find a show that has already started I could go back to the beginning. Or, I could jump back and forth between shows during commercials. I hope this already exists.

It has been requested many times, but is not currently available. There are several reasons why this doesn't work in Channels, but in the end it all comes down to it would take a lot of way and changing how Channels works to implement this.

The developers have expressed interest in this feature, but it's a big change; if it happens, it won't be soon, most likely.

That's unfortunate, thanks for the information. If they really want to be the goto OTA DVR, this is a must.

I think it would be really nice if it worked this way, but not sure its a must. There are some work arounds. What I've done is added a 10TB external drive and just recording everything I'm remotely interested in. When I start to watch something live, it will give me the option of live or recorded. Its not quite as elegant as you described, but it is kind of a work around. The new CEC remote buttons help navigate this a little better. But I do agree with you that it would be really nice if you could just hop back and forth and it handle it automatically.