Buffer size on Android client devices

Did channels change the way the client buffer is handled on Android based devices? All my Android devices are now limited to exactly 1 hour this includes FireTV and Tivo 4k devices. I was getting from 3 hours to 5 hours depending on usb drive used and tuner source. Or it this a new restriction with Android?

No. I am currently using both the release and beta versions with a CCGTV, and regularly have 90 minute+ buffers. Could a recent update have migrated your installed application back to internal storage?

Thanks for the quick response. No I checked still showing on the usb. Fire cube and fs4k both took an update in the past few days the ts4k took a update today when I fired it up to test. It has not been used in months so that update could be an old update. I'll try and fire up my CCGTV and test that but I'm in a hotel and I only get about 20% success of logging in to the wifi page with the CCGTV. The ts4k is not much better about 50% the FireTV devices are the only ones that can login 100% of the time.

When remote streaming the buffer is on the server and limited to one hour.

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In any case, are you not accessing the feeds directly? Are they remote, or filtered through an intermediate step of any sort? If so, that would account for the discrepancy. Otherwise, perhaps a support ticket needs to be opened. …

Yes I am remote. Maybe I just never got an hour behind while viewing remotely before. It's not often I have the whole day to watch tv when I am on the road. Thanks for the response.

Speaking of buffers I just noticed that my Channels Android APP the Cache is over 3.24 GB on my FireTVCube... Why is this not cleared when APP is closed ?

Submit diagnostics and we can check what's in the cache

Done as other...

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