Buffering on Shield TV, with DVR on Shield TV


Hi there,

I am having some buffering (I presume it's buffering as I get a spinning circle on the time bar), I am watching the recording on the same Shield TV as it was recorded on (and nothing is currently recording)

Yet I keep getting this pause and spinning during recording playback, when I do a speed test I get this... (which looks fast as it's the internal speed)

Download Latency Jitter
2405.09 Mbit/s 0.55ms 0.15ms

Granted I am recording onto a USB 2.0 externally powered drive, but these are just standard HD MPEG4 channels and they don't look incredible so I presume they are a low bitrate channel anyway.

Any pointer that could fix this? Thanks


That's strange.

Does it make any difference if you change the Decoder setting on the Player Settings tab?


It's set to Hardware so will try with Hybrid and will see how it goes :slight_smile: Thanks for the quick reply :slight_smile:


Unfortunately still does it on Hybrid and Software. :cry:


Can you submit diagnostics from the Player tab after it buffers


Managed to send the report today, just after the buffering, I have also noticed that it's always at the beginning of the show (between 2-7mins into the show)

Many thanks for the support @tmm1


Logs show that the buffer runs out. Since everything is local, and all the DVR is doing is sending bits from the drive to the client, it seems to suggest that your HDD is the issue. It's either failing or underpowered, and not keeping up with the read throughput required.


I have seen exactly the same thing on my shield server to the same shield dvr unit. I did not look at the logs, but it does the same thing. Goes about 20 minutes into a recording then gets worse and worse with buffering for up to 15 seconds or so. I was using a USB stick drive. Now I just put on an externally powered 3TB external spinning disk drive. So far, it is stable without buffering, but I will keep testing.


Yeah I thought it was my drive - but when I was watching 4K films from it, there was no issues and VLC can play the recordings perfectly fine!