Buffering pauses when Seeking is caught up to Live TV when watching recording

I hope I can explain this okay. This is on TVE channels. When recording and watching that recording. If you seek forward until you catch up the live show. It seems the Channels App has a hard time recovering after the seek and it will buffer many times every 4 to 5 seconds. If I seek back (7 seconds) then playback is fine and no weird buffer pause. When I have the STATS up it will count each time a buffer pause happens. I was seeing like 3 and sometimes 4 being counted. It just never seems to recover very well. Remind you if I don't seek forward until I am caught up with the recording I never see a buffer issue. This only happens during recordings where I catch up to the live show part of the recording.

This is the same behavior if you watch a live tve broadcast on 2 apple tvs. The second one is ahead about 15 seconds and auto pauses/plays like 5 or 6 times. If you manually pause the second ATV for a few seconds then its fine. @tmm1 same bug as @jxxaxxy is reporting?