Buffering sign!


Great picture and the app seems to work well but during playback and a great picture, the buffering sign continually circles during play back.


are you trying to connect from home or away?


Are you using the beta app?


I’m seeing this remotely (Singapore) from the iOS beta app (4.16.2144). I just submitted diagnostics. Note: the video plays fine. I see it both on live TV and playing a recording. The first diag submitted is live. The second is playing a recording.


Have you updated to the latest beta? It should be fixed in yesterday’s update.


This is with the latest beta (4.16.2144). That is, unless TestFlight is lying to me.


4.18 is the latest


Please use the 2.1.14 release from the App Store


I’m at home


Yes. I’m using the Beta app.


Please use the latest released app and not the beta.