Buffering while watching TVE

Anyone else notice that while watching TVE sometime it's will buffer multiple times within a few minutes but while it is you can see the time bar grow ahead of the indicator. As it grows you can FF and you never missed anything! :crazy_face: So if you didn't miss anything why is it buffering? :laughing:

On a good note..... I had Discovery on for about 6 hours and never lost the channel.... Just what I mentioned above.

Better than having the channel just stop working and have to close and reload, like what was happening before. Something to do with the commercial breaks and how they are being served gives a 403 forbidden error. The last pre-release version they did something that fixed that issue (see other tread) and on occasion, i do notice some very short pause during commercials, but i just assume it re-connecting to the stream as it should.

It is but it is just as annoying. When it happens, it happens multiple times within a minute or two and it frozen for a good 5-10 seconds each time....VERY ANNOYING. When I happens, I can hit back 10 seconds and when I hit the spot it had stopped it, it's just a blip. It's almost like before this would have been a black screen but now it freezes.... I don't know, it's real odd.

@tmm1 @eric @maddox this just happened to me on my AppleTV. I'm sending a log now @ 1442 EST

This is most likely because there was an issue downloading a segment of the HLS, and the player is pausing until it receives the next segment from the DVR server. While this is different from the 403 Forbidden and 404 Not found errors, it is probably similar and related: it's a problem with the networks' feeds, and not something that Channels is (not) doing. Perhaps a larger temporary buffer on the DVR server for TVE/Locast feeds may help mitigate this, but that's just a patch, not a solution.

It's odd because while it's happening, the time bar is up and you see it growing.... Like you paused the live program and it's recording for you. Sometime I can go back and not even have a flip in the program. :man_shrugging:t2:

I see a difference between the Apple TV player and the Android player.

On Apple TV the screen just freezes and normally the time-bar doesn't come up automatically. On Android TV as soon as it happens and each time it does, the time bar comes up and stays up the whole time while it's buffering.

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