Buffering with live tv and chasing playback

First of all - still loving Channels! So glad I switched my DVR from Plex to Channels.

One issue I have noticed now and then is that if I'm watching live tv or watching an in progress recording and I go to the live part of the recording, I'll get the odd buffering issue (video pauses, spinner appears for 1-2 seconds). I have to skip back 10 seconds to prevent this from happening.

I've only noticed this on my Sony Android TV (2020 model and on my 2018 model). Any ideas on how to fix would be appreciated.

I also get that same behavior on my nvidia shield

This has always happened as far as I know. No fix that I am aware of. I know I’m caught up to live when this pause appears. Maybe in the future the clients can detect this better and instead of pausing give some indication that you are “live”.

Do you mean you get a single pause and then it's ok? I continue to get pauses, every few minutes, if I'm watching live.

This happens to me, too. However, I have experienced this behavior with other DVR software, too, not just Channels.

I get an initial pause of a few seconds. After that I may get a few “micro pauses” but then it’s fine. I think the micro pauses are because the buffer is so small when you catch up with live.