Bug: Alphabetical listing error


On the Fire TV version, there seems to be an error when viewing TV Shows in Alphabetical order. If you select the "More" tile from the Recent/Recently Recorded list, the list defaults to the "Recently Recorded" view. If you change the view to "Alphabetical", and then click on a series to view the detail view (including the listing of recorded episodes), then return to the "Alphabetical" view, the order of the shows displayed is no longer in alphabetical order. What makes this most confusing is that the selector at the top of the screen ("Recently Recorded"/"Alphabetical") still shows that "Alphabetical" is selected, even though that's not how the items are presented.

(There are still some bugs with updating the display after deleting some episodes or removing entire programs, but those are sporadic and cannot always be reproduced. In contrast, this particular bug of display of "Alphabetical" TV Shows resetting to a recorded order sorting but still indicating sorting by name happens every time.)


As indicated in the release notes, 2.1.2 fixes this bug.