BUG: Cannot open TV Show

On 9.23.1457 (tvOS) there is bug when trying to open a TV show's page. When opening a series from the Library > Recently Updated the page opens fine. However, when navigating any deeper (Library > Recently Updated > More, or any TV show page in the Enhanced Library), trying to select a show does nothing.

I saw that there was bug about shows not being able to open from within Collections, but I am not sure if this is the same behavior seen there as I don't have any Collections.

Weird. There was some kind of issue with the last deploy to TestFlight. That new build never went up. I'm deploying it again and it has a fix that fixes the issue you mentioned as well as the one mentioned on the other thread.

Thanks for confirming I'm not crazy. I'll give it a shot when it pops up in TF.

The build is available.

Confirmed fixed in 9.24.1624.