Bug: Channels not starting (beta)

Twice today I've gone back to the guide and clicked to change channels and it shows a frozen image of the last played channel with a buffering animation. Once this happens it seems to require a force close of the app. Going back to the guide and selecting the channel again or selecting a new channel results in the same frozen image and buffering animation.

I've submitted diagnostics both times today.

Thank you! I’ve been trying to reproduce this for the past week since adding extra diagnostics and have been unable to. Your diagnostic logs have identified the issue and I’ll let you know when I’ve posted a new build that fixes it.

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Great! I'm watching Sunday night football now, if I run into the other issue of seeking problems after extended watching I'll try to get a video of it.

@Jmcguire525: I've just released iOS/tvOS beta 2019 (9.23.55) that should fix this issue with the hang.