Bug: Episode Numbers



I noticed the following bug:

On the Android TV homescreen channel “Up Next”, it dublicates the season number instead of showing the correct episode number. For example:

Season 1, Episode 4 appears as Season 1, Episode 1
Season 2, Episode 8 appears as Season 2, Episode 2
Season 5, Episode 23 appears as Season 5, Episode 5
Season 6, Episode 12 appears as Season 6, Episode 6

Thanks for looking into this!


Hmm, I’m not able to reproduce this. What device and version of the app?


Nvidia Shield tv and 2018.09.06.1912


Beta 139


Is it happening on multiple different shows? Can you give me some examples?

If you check the web UI for your DVR for those same episodes, does it show the correct episode number?


It is happening for every single show, and has been happening for a least a month. Everything shows up in the web UI correctly.


Thanks for the images! I didn’t read closely and missed you were talking about the oreo homescreen.

Bug confirmed and fixed for next build.


Thanks, that was super quick! I have another question, if I may:

Is this intended behavior inside the channels app on Android TV (not the homescreen this time):

I have 5 shows under “up next”. 3 shows are shown in row 1, two in row 2.
I have 10+ shows under recent. 5 shows are shown per row.

Is there a reason the 5 “up next” shows are not in one row, given that it fits exactly 5?



That’s a bug too, related to some quirks of how the standard Android TV Leanback UI works. I think we can probably fix it but it will require some investigation. Or if you record more shows you won’t see it anymore =)


I will give my best to record more show :wink:


I was able to fix the issue where 5 shows were appears on two rows instead of one. With the next version, it will only expand to two rows once you reach 6 shows. Thanks for reporting this bug!


Hello @tmm1,
I just wanted to report that the episode numbers on the oreo homescreen are still off (episode number is the same as season number).
Thanks for looking into this,


Oops, fixed for next version.

BTW now the app will show two rows again, because trying to switch between one row and two rows was causing crashes for many devices.