Bug: Focus lost after deletion

On the current 3.1.2 release, there is a bug with Up Next. I can reliably reproduce this by:

  • Enter the Up Next page
  • Select a program to watch
  • Delete the program after viewing

Normally you'd expect the next program to get the focus to browse/navigate. However, nothing gets the focus, and a different section in the app needs to be selected in order to get the ability to focus back.

Is this with the top-level up next tab, or the More link?

Is this a regression, ie do you remember it working before?

It is when going from Library > Up Next > More; and this is new behavior. In 3.1.1 it worked correctly.

An update:

After doing a little more testing, it seems to only occur if the deleted episode is the last/only "new" episode. When deleting an episode, but there are still some unwatched episodes of the same series, the screen functions as expected (the just watched/deleted series gets moved to the beginning of the Up Next list, and the focus is given to the next series—or rather, the index of the selection doesn't change, just what series has that index in the list).

3.1.3 seems to have fixed the issue, so thank you for fixing it.

(Although, it does appear to take longer for the screen to refresh/update, leaving the deleted entry in place for longer than expected. I'm not sure if this is a new regression, as the update/refresh time had been an issue in the past, and was recently improved.)

Strange I didn't change anything..

Eh, could just be lag on this device. It's a CCGTV running Channels off an external thumb drive to give a decent live buffer.

I'll call this fixed, and chalk the lag up to crappy hardware on my end. Thanks for the prompt response and fix, Aman.