Bug: javascript error when trying to skip a recording that has no image

Version 2023.02.02.2036

In my DVR schedule today:

If I try to skip these 2 shows, I get an error like this:

I don't think this is relevant information but, for additional context, channel 10384 is from PLEX Live TV, and channel 4096 is from STIRR.

The error occurs when you click the dropdown? Or when you click Skip? If you refresh the page is it shown as skipped?

The error occurs when you click the dropdown? No
Or when you click Skip? Yes
If you refresh the page is it shown as skipped? No

Thanks for the quick reply, by the way. :slight_smile:

I just thought of trying to skip from the calendar view instead of the scheduler view and got a similar error but about 'Tags' instead of 'Images'.

I hope this helps.

Submit diagnostics

Sure. Here you go: c352717c-42dc-4d82-8ede-876c95039539

Server running version 2023.02.05.1636 now, which is still an old version compared to the time that I originally posted about this problem on 2023.02.06. So I would not expect any fix for this issue to be present in 05.1636.

I don't know whether the conditions are exactly the same but, earlier today, I was able to skip scheduled programs that look like they have no images and from the same channels:


I am aware that this is just a small annoyance and doesn't compare to higher priority issues so I completely understand if you don't have the chance to look at it. :wink:
Anyway, I thought I would mention this.

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