BUG - Switching Channels from quick guide

When I swipe down to change channels the channel that I change to is choppy video and no sound. If I switch back to original channel the video is still choppy with no sounds.

This happens on both builds, beta or release.

I have the same issue when switching to / between OTA channels from the Quick Guide on Apple TV 4K. Clicking Pause, waiting one second and then pressing Play usually fixes it for me. If I double-click the Play button to switch back to the previous OTA channel, it gets all jerky again with no audio.

But if I use the Quick Guide to switch between TVE (AT&T U-verse) channels, it typically does not happen.

I should add that my Apple TV 4K (Channels DVR 3.2.26), HDHomeRun QUATRO, and Raspberry Pi 4B (Channels DVR Server v.2019.09.20.1731) are all plugged into the same Gigabit Ethernet Switch.

Other than this issue, I am extremely happy with Channels.

Interesting, this must be a new issue.

Can you submit diagnostics after it happens?

Diagnostics just sent from my ATV (for both ‘Video Player’ and ‘Other’). Thanks!

Doesn’t seem to happen if you are connected remotely. I am on vacay and brought my Apple TV 4K and ran test. Works just fine. Seems to be isolated to local only. I can’t submit diagnostics for local until I get back.

This is still happening for me with Channels DVR 3.2.27 on my ATV 4K: choppy video with no sound when using the Quick Guide to switch between OTA channels. Channels DVR Server 2019.09.30.2306.

Diagnostic logs just sent from my ATV. Thank you.

Can you try the latest beta build via TestFlight (getchannels.com/beta)

Also please try changing the Audio Driver back to Default instead of Experimental

Thank you Aman - it’s working correctly now. I installed the latest tvOS beta version, but it was switching to the ‘Default’ Audio Driver that fixed it.

It still happens if I switch the beta version back to the ‘Experimental’ Audio Driver — but if I leave it on the ’Default’ Audio Driver, switching between OTA channels with the Quick Guide is working perfectly now. Thank you!

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