Bugs in Pre-Release/Android Beta with Videos of issues

Here is my current setup:

DVR: Windows 10 PC - Core i5
Channels DVR Version: Pre-Release 2022.01.04.2130
Client: Nvidia Shield
Client Version: Beta (201.3.1846)

These issues happen on all my Nvidia Shields running the Beta and the issue is always repeatable. Not sure if it affects other Android clients or not.

Issue #1 -- Skewed TV Shows Grid

Video Link - Click Here:

Description of Issue: When viewing the TV Show Grid, the grid of shows is uniformed as expected. However, when scrolling through the shows, the grid gets misaligned. The more I scroll, the more it gets out of whack. This doesn't happen on the Normal Client, but it does on the Beta. It happens on all of my Nvidia Shields and restarting the DVR and/or client does not resolve the issue.

Issue #2 -- Deleting a TV show in a series causes Focus and Watched issues

Video Link - Click Here:

Description of Issue: When deleting a show in a series, the Focus gets shifted to a later episode, and it also marks other episodes as Watched. Using the above video for example, you can see that all episodes are unwatched. When I select and watch Episode 3, after I delete that Episode, the Focus goes to Episode 9 (instead of Episode 4, the next in the series). Moreover, Episode 6 gets marked as Watched for some reason (not sure why). This problem isn't related to just this series, it seems to happen on any TV show with more than 1 episode.

I am also going to sneak in a request here even though this isn't the proper spot. I noticed that on some of my OTA recordings Channels will show the red 'recording interrupted' flag. Most of the time, this doesn't have any noticeable issue on the playback, and other times, there may be some of the program missing or pixelated. I understand this is due to the reception, but my request is this.... Mark on the playback timeline the areas where the weak signal was detected. In other words, show the red marker as part of the show timeline bar so I know what areas of the program may have been affected by weak signal or interruptions. It would help to know if any of the show is actually missing.


Yes, I get the grid misalignment right from the top now. I thought it was a UX decision, but I don't care for it. This does not seem to usually happen with Movies, but I have been able to make it happen from time-to-time. Also, if your first programming does not have a metadata match, it takes over the entire screen.

This is also happens with the regular programming grid. If you scroll out fast to the right, eventually some stations are not in line with their times.

I have seen this a lot with Stream Links where I'll come back into the Channels App and mark the episode I just watched as so before deleting. Another episode will show on screen as marked watched, but when i back out and go back into the program it is correct. It seems to be totally visual and not actual.

OMGosh yes, for every recording! Even if it is only in the Web UI, anything to help identify if there is a real problem in the recording or not.


I can't imagine this was done by design. The video I took of the issue is not too bad, but the more you scroll the worse the alignment gets. Since it is already kind of hard to tell which show is Highlighted/Focused, once the Grid gets misaligned, it is even harder to find shows or see which one is selected.

Interesting, I will see if it is just visual thing on my end as well. It still doesn't make sense why it doesn't shift the focus to the next available episode though. Auto play doesn't always work on the Shield (it hangs on the next episode countdown screen maybe 1 time out of 10 or 20. So having to scroll back in the episode list to play the next episode is a but frustrating.