Button Mapper Codes

Anyone have the codes for Button Mapper that work? Got Guide going. Would like to replace Skip and input.


You got Guide going OUTSIDE of the Channels app? Guide and the Color Buttons work INSIDE the Channels app natively, so no action is needed by the user at all. If you got it working OUTSIDE, I and many others would be interested in that code, so please share. And if I see that, I may be able to extrapolate to other functions.

You are correct. I did get the skip button remapped but it went to the last CM break. Not helpful.

I can see support for button mapper in the Channels app but no clue what codes to enter or where.

Do you mean these? Android Key Codes – elementalx.org

Or something more specific?

Got that but looking for codes that work. Also, it seems Tivo may not be the choice by many. I de-Tivoed one and it seems to work ok. Looking for suggestions before I buy 6 of these.