Button-Press Inter-Key Timing Configuration


Was just experimenting with the new number pad improvement in the Android TV Beta on one of our Xiaomi MiBox 3’s with a Flirc. Configured the numbers using the Kodi template.

Works great! Except you have to hit those numbers awfully fast or you’ll get the wrong thing.

We have the same problem with commercial skip and last channel: Highly-erratic results for us.

Thus I would humbly request two features:

  • Configurable double-keypress inter-key timing
  • Configurable number-key inter-key timing

The reason I request two parameters is that one can hit the same key twice-in-a-row much more quickly than, say, a key at the top of a keypad and one at the bottom (e.g.: “2” followed by “0” for “20”).

The double-keypress timing probably needs a range in the vicinity of 250ms to something just shy of a half-second, whereas the number key timing probably has to be more in the range of a half-second to a second.


Yeah, when I go to skip a commercial, it doesn’t work some times because I don’t hit it fast enough. I’d definitely like to see this, even if it was buried in an advanced menu somewhere.


Also, having a longer interval may allow it to work with CEC, perhaps. Presently, the interval is too short to allow double button presses on the TV’s remote to activate commercial skip or last channel.


I’m happy to increase the timeouts until it works for everyone.


My thinking is configurable timeouts make it so you don’t have to keep dealing with tweaking them.

For us: The inter-key timeouts for all three operations are too short. Have to be really quick on hitting numbers, commskip is a 50/50 proposition–at best, and last channel is more miss than hit.