Buying advice - smart TV or Apple TV for Channels

I am going to buy a new TV, either one that supports Android, so I can run the Channels Android app, or another TV + an Apple TV box, which apparently is pretty awesome with the Channels app installed.

Which option would give my the best Channels experience? If it is the smart TV, which one does, in your experience, work well with Channels?

Apple TV provides the best Channels app experience

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You should fix that. :rofl:

Thanks, I believe that now. I will buy an Apple TV

I find Android TV a far more capable and customization and ...useable platform.
Apple likes to lock you into their ecosystem so much.
Overpriced hardware and all.
I am not sure on Apple TV, but with my Nvidia Shield Pro, it has a world of options for 3rd Party things to be hooked up to it, media remotes, controllers, storage drives, usb audio DACs and devices.
I see by the picture of the Apple TV remote, it is very basic....i prefer the ability to have a large full button for everything remote,and I have one that is double sided, fully backlight, numbers and keyboard. makes entering in things super easy. cost only $20 on Amazon. Don't think u can say that about Apple tv and remotes that work on it.

Android TV also supports side-loading of normal Android apps, so alot of apps that are not on ATV Play store, u can still take from your phone and use on the tv version, they often work just fine, but are not quite optimized well for the large tv display or non touch interaction, but easy negated with a air mouse, like my remote can do.

I am curious as to how much "better" Channels DVR app is on Apple Tv....but i jut can't justify the higher cost of Apples version of a stream box, that to me, is far less capable and more restricted. (though, no where near as limited Roku boxes are, but hey, those are very cheap, around $50 or less, so I can't complain there) I am also heavily invested in the Google Ecosystem, and have a strong...distaste, for Apple products as a whole. They just don't work or do what i need them and how i need them to do it, and they cost a small fortune.

I had ordered an Apple TV but promptly returned it for many of the reasons you described above ... it was just too limited for me... I find the Shield to be far superior. I cannot justify to myself staying with an AppleTV just for Channels DVR. I run an EMBY/Plex server on my Shield and other services try that on the AppleTV.

Forgot to add I can View DRM protected channels from my cable provider and Timeshift them.

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I prefer the Apple TV. This is not the only streaming device I have owned, but I currently have 5 gigabit wired ATV 4K connected to 5 televisions (2 are 4K sets). The extra cost does not bother me. IMO, quality of available software is better, apps run better, and it integrates well with the Apple devices I own. My wife uses macbooks and iPhones and airplays stuff all day.

I do also have high-end windows systems. And Linux too. A Synology. And a raspberry Pi.

But Channels on the Apple TV is awesome.

Thanks for your opinions.

My wife uses macbooks and iPhones and airplays stuff all day.

Same here. I am a technical guy, but the TV in the living room must provide a good experience for the Apple fan-boys (and girls) in the family. If the minimal Apple remote works well I will keep it and not skip it for the benefit of a universal remote.

While I am with some of you and in general sceptic about the whole Apple universe, I must admit that they are able to make pretty good hardware, and apps on Apple devices tend to have high quality. For the Apple TV, I am OK with the price, I might even buy two of those eventually.

get both - I have an android based sony 4k tv and several apple tvs. The apple tvs win every time.

Just got rid of the Apple TV4K - useless and overly sensitive even in low sensitivity setting. Android alllll the way now. Oh and if anyone’s in los angeles area Spectrum app is a nightmare on the Apple tv4k. This app is golden no matter where though! Love channelsdvr

IMO, Apple TV is great for someone who already has other Apple devices like an iPhone. Their devices work well together. Otherwise I would go with Android TV.

If you like remotes with lots of buttons, remember, you can pair third party remotes with Apple TV.

We have 4 AppleTVs, all using one account and configured so they all remain identical for apps, layout, etc. The Apple environment, v. Android, is locked down but in doing so, Apple eliminates a lot of, if not all, threat of malware (they inspect the app code before approving it for the store). Love them or hate them, it’s a more secure environment.

As for the original question, Channels on a box or on the TV ... I will never let the TV run anything for a couple reasons.

We just bought a 55 inch last December and 75 inch last week. For setup, I did virtually nothing except change the input to HDMI 1 for the AppleTV device. Neither TV has access to the Internet, which makes them “grumble”. Replacing a TV is trivial because the “smarts” are the set-top-box.

Next, I don’t trust the TVs not to eavesdrop and generate marketing revenue. These come with Alexa, et al, now, which means a microphone and Internet and no regulation.

Lastly, I loathe the user interface on those two new TVs. The 55 is in the “man cave” (more like a man closet) and has a game console and an AppleTV connected; changing HDMI inputs is a nightmare (it’s an LG). The 75 inch is controlled with a Harmony Hub - more money, but consistent user interface across all TVs. I’ll be getting a Harmony Hub for the 55, too. I use the iPhone app with the hubs, btw, the TV remotes are in a drawer.

Apple more secure....HA thats a laugh. Mini rant incoming.
Apple has plenty of malware...iOS and MacOS.
In my line of work, had to remove and deal with virus,malware infected macbooks every day for years.
And, i can't tell you how many customers and co-workers who have been wowed, and have lost bets, on how fast and easy i can bypass Apple's lock screen, and FaceID nonsense and gain access to their phone.

I also lost track on how my times Apple been in tech news for having root access to their OSs with no password, or dumb simple, little to no tech experience needed tricks or exploits.

Sure, Android has it faults,and has a big fragmentation issue with all the OEM versions/modds, and i don't expect any Apple Fanboys to accept anything i say, but i can only laugh at the false sense of security that "using Apple products" gives people.

I have used Android tech since ver 1.0 of the OS....never, ever, had any malware or security issues. Even my non-techy family members, and grandparents, been using Android for many years, even the ones who install every app under the sun, never had any issues.

The only real advantage, depending on how you look at it, Apple is a unified, non segmented/fragmented platform. Only 2 core OS to deal with, across all their devices. Android, the only closest thing to compare, is Google made and controlled Android OS, that is on Pixel phones. All the others, have been butchered by OEMs. Though, one thing to note, a security issue or exploit on Apple products, affects them all, where on Android, is is very often isolated to certain versions, and/or OEM rom versions devices, in that case, Android fragmentation is an advantage.

To each his own of course. For me, personally, Apple products can not do the things I want/need them to do, how I want to do them. I refuse to use itunes and convert all my FLAC music, and deal with Apple's proprietary everything nonsense...give me Open Source things!
I also find their UI and OS, and processes of using it, silly and often far more impractical than other platforms. And, when I do personally know a few diehard, life long Apple only people, who got so fed up with iOS and other Apple things the last couple years, they moved cold turkey to Android and Windows or Linux....and don't regret it at all...that tells you something on the state of things.

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There is not a software platform out there that doesn’t have security vulnerabilities full stop, developers will always be playing catch-up with hackers.
For 99% of users, Apple products just work, no messing around trying hacks to get things working. Channels DVR on ATV works seamlessly each and every time, keeps the wife happy.
My setup is connected to a Windows server including Plex, Harmony One remote (I’m old school and still like the buttons) and it just runs trouble free. Migrating from Windows MCE, and although it did serve me well for 10 years or so, it’s nice now just to sit back and enjoy the ATV without constantly stuffing around to get things working.

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And here is where confusing happens...ATV to me is Android TV...not Apple TV. as the first time i see ATV, it was used to mean Android TV.

So do u mean Apple or Android?

Cause what u say is true for Android tv. works seamlessly and every time.

Sorry for any confusion caused, Apple TV (ATV4K)

I bought a smart tv years ago and it went out of update cycle. It was a SONY and it is a great TV but worthless as a smart device now. APPLE TV stays current and if I want to upgrade an APPLE TV it is usually much cheaper than a new tv. It is too bad all TVs are "smart" now, but I prefer an attached specialized device (Shield or ATV) to counting on a TV maker to stay relevant.

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Rant all you want, but I was in IT for some ±30 years. I'm not subscribed to as many security-oriented sources as I was when I was still employed, but I still do keep my hand in. As was true for my entire career: The vast majority of vulnerability and security threat advisories I see that relate to platforms are for Microsoft Windows and Google Android. I see relatively few advisories relating to either OS X or iOS. Most of the iOS advisories I see are for OS updates for vulnerabilities that have been discovered but not yet been exploited (as far as they know).

That is not to say Apple, OS X, or iOS are perfect. Everything has vulnerabilities, but my personal assessment is both OS X and iOS are inclined to be less vulnerable than their competition. Never mind Apple's app store vs. Google's.

Word is Google's renaming "Android TV" to "Google TV."

Apple doesn't work for you. Fine. We get it. But please give it a rest with the anti-Apple screeds. They serve no purpose here, any more than would my launching into the long laundry lists of complaints I could about Microsoft Windows or Google Android.

you could give me 4k model for free if you didnt want to use it ^^