Cable Channels missing on TVE

Anyone know why I would be missing some channels when Ive logged into TVE. No Animal planet, No DIY network. They are in my lineup I pay for through spectrum.

Have u tried a rescan?
Or going into the Edit pencil icon, the master list and doing a manual rescan of the channels u are missing from the list?

The info on the Spectrum TVE source thread may be of help:

Yes, funny after posting this I went and found a post that gave me the information. Im having to do several rescans on channels im currently not getting due to this....
403 You've exceeded the maximum number of streaming sessions. To watch this program, sign out of one of your other sessions, and try again.: stream limit reached.

Thanx for the suggestion, Ill just have to keep at it till i get all my channels. seems you can only rescan maybe a couple at a time and then wait awhile before doing it again. I hope the sessions limit doesnt cause problems later on trying to view channels or recording. Dont understand why it would do this.

As mentioned many times in that Spectrum thread, the issue is with trying to authenticate so many different different services in a short period. Wait a few hours before trying to selectively rescan those channels which did not scan. The root issue is that Spectrum's authorization server will only approve a few new authorizations in a rolling time period. In practice, this will not affect your regular usage, just the initial setup.

Yes, Thank you. Got it.