Cable Provider Question

I have my Channels DVR sources set up using Locast and Philo and everything is working great. However, I was still missing some channels that we do watch. My parents live in another state and have Midco as their internet/cable provider. Midco allows customers to login into their admin portal and add others as "entertainment" users. Meaning those people only have access to TVE. So my parents added me and Midco sent me an email having me set up a password. After that, I added it as a source and all has been good the past week since I've had it connected.

My question is, will this sustain since Midco allowed me to be added as a user, or will Midco eventually mess with the authentication? I know normally cable companies can mess with the authentication but I wasn't sure in this scenerio.

Midco is the only one who can answer that question. My personal opinion is that it will continue to work as expected in the short-term (the next year or two), but they'll probably change it in the future as part of a cash grab or restructuring. Cable companies are notoriously user-hostile, so you can never count on something good for the consumer lasting very long.

I agree with that!

My concern is that they'll let this go for a month or so thinking this could be someone traveling or on vacation and then all of a sudden I'll have to re-authenticate over and over. I had Cox in my home last year and I would use TVE at work on the Apple TV there. It worked great for a month then after that I kept having to re-authenticate or I'd have to scan channels over again. I then realized that was Cox interfering with things. I'm curious if that will happen with Midco and I should find a better solution or stick this out.

Unfortunately I don’t think anybody here will be able to answer that question, as @racameron mentioned. I’d say just enjoy it as long as it works. :grin: