Cablevision not working with ClearQAM anymore

I just rescanned my channels . No guide data at all. I chose cable , found 142 channels, zip is 11949 Cablevision Brookhaven. Never had this problem before .

Are you getting guide data in the official HDHR app on your iPhone?

No, and i reran the windows setup and rescanned from there . I’m getting all unknown .

What kind of HDHR are you using?

It a older model Dual. Always worked until today

It sounds like your cable company has changed the way they transmit their feeds. They are no longer including channel names or channel numbers, so you're probably seeing everything scan in as 5000 Unknown.

Without names/numbers, it's not possible to provide guide data.

You were actually pretty lucky before because not a lot of cable companies let you use a DUAL with cable. They must have been running old equipment at their datacenter which they have finally upgraded.

If you want to continue using this setup you would need to get a HDHR PRIME and rent a cable card from your provider.

I thought it may be something like that. Thanks. I can see the channels just no info