Cache on disk or RAM

When one watches a live channel on iOS or iPadOs, the app caches video and audio and one can rewind up to the point in time they started watching. This is a really cool feature.
Does anyone know if this cache is stored on flash or RAM?
Showing the stats overlay displays the size of the cache, but that doesn't say if it's disk or RAM. There are for sure tradeoffs between the two, just curious.

I inspected the App's data usage (General -> iPad Storage -> Channels) and the cache looks to be stored on the SSD.
A cool option would be to have a shorter cache that's stored in RAM to avoid wearing out the SSD just by watching some live feed.

It's stored on disk. RAM cache would only hold a few seconds of data.

Modern SSDs use wear leveling and can last decades with constant usage.

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I hear you, for typical usage should not significantly reduce the disk's lifespan, but for a heavy user that uses channels on a device 24/7, it would be significant imo.
SSD Lifespan: How Long do Solid-State Drives Last? | N-able.

FWIW we asked Apple about this when the Apple TV was released and we launched Channels, and they said we had no reason for concern.


I wouldn’t worry about it until after your sixth battery replacement. But I doubt you will still be using the hardware that long. I’ve never had an ssd fail. But I’ve had plenty of spinner hdd’s eat it.

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