Can Channels do what I need?

Let's assume I'm annoyed with Comcast cable TV and want to stitch together an EPG from more than one of Sling, Hulu Live and/or FuboTV. I want to support up to 4 continuous streams of LIVE TV from the streaming services via an integrated EPG/channel guide. I might add local broadcast TV to the EPG via an HDHomeRun device. I need to view on Android TVs and Shield. Actual DVR capability is interesting but not critical.

Can Channels do this? I'm having trouble understanding the Channels product. Thank you

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Go set it up and use the fact that the first 30 days are free to just give it a go and see if you can accomplish what you want.


Channels is perfect for what you want to do. I have used it successfully with Sling, Philo and Hulu Live TV, it will blend guides. It will let you create groups of similar channels. Soon you will be backing here to marvel at how well it works. Running the server under Kubuntu myself but it works with many OS and NAS.

It is one of the most well designed bits of software I've ever used.

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Channels can do that in its sleep.

Channels can take your TVE provider (youtube, philo, sling etc) and your OTA (antenna) combine both into a single tv guide and no/minimal epg tinkering.

Then you can incorporate free services and also incorporate those into your guide. Minimal effort.

Then you can incorperate ESPN+ as well. (Medium difficulty)

All with the only stream limit being your isp bandwidth.

Stream limit for online tv providers (philo, sling etc) only applies when using their app. It does not apply when you use those services through Channels

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