Can Channels share a HDHomeRun tuner with Plex (on ATV)?

I have set up a Plex server on my Synology running PlexPass for Live/DVR capabilities, so I can record some of the shows on NBC while my provider is still negotiating carriage fees.

I much prefer the Channels UI for watching live TV.

Using HDHomeRun Quatro 4-tuner box.

QUESTION: Can Channels and Plex share a tuner connection? I know either app can connect, but what happens when I am watching live on Channels and a show starts to record on Plex?

The use case is watching live TV with Channels on TV and then a show starts recording from my Plex server, connecting to the Quatro.

No different apps cannot share connections to the HDHR.

Interesting, because I can watch live TV via Channels and then change over and watch live TV via Plex using only the Quatro... all on my TV. So, are you saying that may work, but will not work when 2 apps try to connect to the Quatro simultaneously???

Yes, I meant simultaneous connections.

Your QUATRO has four tuners, so four different things can connect at one time. But if Plex has four connections already open, then nothing else can connect.

I do it all the time. Plex records the same content I record on channels and it works without a problem.