Can I add ABC without a provider?

I'll ask this a different way.
Since ABC is free without any SUBSCRIPTION (Just click on their website) how can I add it to Channels. (My Sling does not provide TV logon)

You can't

Sounds like you're using their 30min free preview

abc news streams live to youtube -- the youtube feed is about 90 seconds ahead of

commercials are different-- the content seems the same.

use my youtube m3u8 code.

follow the instructions at the top, the url would be

I thought imagexpo was looking for their local ABC channel -- but ABCNEWS (channel 6767) is also included with the TVE channels available via those providers. Even a free Sling subscription gets that channel. Don't get me wrong, I do love the Kister Method! But I just wanted to mention, it might not be needed in this case.

The TVE channel is 720p60 (ad segments go as low as 720p24) while youtube is fixed at 720p30

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Just to clarify - I have Sling Blue subscription. ABC is offered live - as is nbc and FOX . I those work fine but when I scan ABC comes up with sling does not provide TVE access for this channel

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If Sling doesn't offer the TVE version then you can't watch it via Channels.

Okay I must be stupid but how? I am trying through Channels and it doesn't work because my only source is Sling.

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Maybe I am not understanding something - didn't you say that Sling doesn't offer access to ABC via TVE? If it doesn't offer that then you can't access it via Channels.

ABC is not free without subscription. shows ABC News Live for free but that's it. That's the UNLOCKED CHANNEL overlay that you see. You will not get the network programming that you see on your local ABC affiliate.

Note the lock icon:

If you click on the lock icon to see the affiliate feed then you will be asked to select your provider to log in.

Sometimes ABC will do a 30 minute free preview but that's a rarity.

You can add it free via OTA tuner by HD Home RUN assuming you get the reception.

Yeah, I know. I just got finished running 100 feet of CAT-6 underground cable out to my antenna. Took all day - that's what I was trying to avoid.

Well, I know it may be a pain to do it, but at least OTA signal provides a better picture and sound than TVE.

That is true - and probably a heck more reliable too.