Can I add my own IPTV subscription?

Hi, I have my own subscription of IPTV channels. Can I add them to Channels DVR server or I have to buy Channels Live TV subscription?

Channels does not support illegal/pirate IPTV streams. (the random ones you find online that offer thousands of channels, "premium" channels, cable networks, and channels from many countries, all for super cheap)

Also, what you mean "buy Channels Live TV subscription"?

You have to buy the subscription in order to have DVR Server use.

There is a separate paid Channels app for users of HDHR OTA tuners that do not want to subscription for DVR use.

Perhaps you do not understand what Channels DVR is? It provides no streaming channels and is not a streaming service. You use it with a OTA or Cable Card tuner, or with cable tv/TVE subscription like Philo, YTTV, etc. to watch live or record from those sources that you provide. There is the client apps for Apple TV or Google tv etc, and the server application you install on your own PC hardware to use as the local DVR server.

Channels is not a streaming provider. It's software that works with your TV sources. You add your sources, and Channels gives you a friendly way to watch and record them, along with many many other features.

You can see what kind of sources you can add here:

While you can get your IPTV channels to work via the Custom Channels feature, we do not provide technical support for anything you add via Custom Channels.

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  1. As @speedingcheetah mentioned. CDVR does not support the use of illegal iptv streams. Go to reddit or troypoint if you want to discuss those
  2. CDVR does suppory m3u & xml. However it will not process a m3u over 500 stations. As a result you will not be able to use in CDVR unless you modify m3u file


  1. Online cable ex: philo, yttv, hulu live, sling
  2. HDHR (ota / cable card)
  3. Legal unofficial sources ex: pluto and other free sources

Good luck. Have fun. It can be done. I do not recommend it. No one on this forum will help with IPTV.

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Thanks for answers. I have legal IPTV subscription from polish provider GonetTV. Just want to know if I could use Channels DVR server without paid subscription of Channels DVR. I think You offer some other US channels in that subscription I don't want.

If you want to use the Channels DVR server, you need the subscription.
Again, Channels DVR does not offer ANY streaming channels of any kind, you have to provide your own source.

Your IPTV may or may not work. If they use DRM, then no.
If they offer .m3u link, and .xml for Guide Data, then you can always give it a try via the Custom Channels feature.

Honestly, if IPTV is your only source, then i would suggest you look elsewhere, like Emby or Jellyfin, or Kodi.

I have Emby but it very often stops and record only few minutes so I want to try something else.

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The first month with Channels DVR is a free trial, after that you can decide if its worth the subscription price. Why not give it a shot and see if it works for you?

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If reliability for your source is what you’re after, from experience trying all the different servers (plex/Emby/jellyfin)
Channels has easily been the most reliable and least buggy - as well as most compatible (playing different codecs/stream types)


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