Can I haz real PIP?

This topic has been discussed only about a thousand times and the response is always - we can't 'cause Apple took our shoelaces or something similar. Can we consider giving the users a real PIP even if it means having to do the work ourselves?


Sounds good, in theory, but I'd also want the PIP window to be preserved when we exit the Channels app, as we navigate around in order to browse/stream other content, from a second app... as it does currently.

Not sure how your comment is relevant here.

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We don’t have plans to implement watching multiple channels at once in the app.

Just chimed in because I wouldn't want such a request for "real PIP" to jeopardize the inclusion of the current OS-level implementation of PIP, which works pretty well (at least on tvOS) and is what allows us to browse our home screens and other apps' content to watch, while Channels continues to play in a PIP window.

Sounds like that won't ever be an issue, though. :slight_smile:

cool beans :wink:


An extra iPad or Amazon Fire tablet can provide the needed functionality and is not super expensive.