Can I just setup with a FireTV or Fire Cube?

Hi all! So I’m a new cord cutter and this was recommended to me. I’m trying to figure out the setup on my FireTv or Fire Cube only. We no longer have cable and can buy an indoor antenna, if needed. Is this setup possible to do? Or is a server necessary? Can anyone just explain basic setup if you’re not tech savvy? Thanks so much.

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You need some kind of Server the FireTV devices are just Clients. You can Install the Server on a Windows PC or Linux PC that is the easiest.

Channels — Channels DVR Server (

Without the DVR server, all your clients can do is watch live channels from a HDHR tuner.
Just like the SiliconDust app.

Hi there! So does the server run 24/7? I’m assuming it does.

Ok thanks. So are there any cheap affordable servers? Don’t want to use my PC if the servers are running 24/7.

You could start from here:

I personally like Beelink Mini PCs (I have 2) and they work very very nicely with Channels and some can be found for a little over $100. I got the higher end ones to also function for my more complex and power hungry media PCs for Plex and whatnot, but even the lower end ones should have plenty of power and storage for ChannelsDVR and an average person/family's use case. Plus you can always add external USB storage if the device you get doesn't have enough (I always purchased mine with at least 2TB per-installed, but if you don't record much you may not need that much).

After that all you really need is a SiliconDust HDHomerun receiver to pickup OTA channels with your antenna.

I recommend buying an antenna first. Connect it to a TV and verify you can reliably receive your desired local stations. Then you can choose a Tuner/DVR system. For non-technical people, you may want to consider the new Tablo. The server is built in and there is no monthly charge at all. It should be the least expensive and easiest way to record and distribute antenna local channels to your Fire devices. But it is not as advanced as Channels DVR. Channels DVR has many features the Tablo doesn't. Channels DVR is great for people who are somewhat technical and want maybe the best system ever. The new Tablo may only be good for about 4 years if ATSC 3.0 forces ATSC 1.0 out. But currently no DVR exists that can record ATSC3.0 DRM channels.

Some folks buy a basic PC. Some use an old computer that is hanging around. In my case I have my 2013 Macbook as a server and it has been on 24/7 for almost two years, doing just fine.

I do have HDHomerun with window antenae and it picks up 60 stations.

I have the server running on my desktop Mac, I just leave it on all the time. When I'm using the Mac I don't notice any strain from the CDVR software running in the background.