Can I record local cable access channels?

I have a TiVo with a Comcast/Xfinity cable card. I am currently using it to record ONLY local cable access channels. Its for a special project where after I record the certain channel (usually a 6hr block), I then transfer the file from my TiVO to a networked PC via pyTivo software. I can then do what I need to with the mp4 file created by pyTivo.

I recently learned that the FCC will no longer be requiring cable companies to support cable cards. Therefore, I'm thinking my TIVO may become useless for my specific needs. Yea, it might take a while, but I'm now looking into other ways to accomplish what I am doing.

Could Channels DVR service accomplish what I want; somehow record my Xfinity local cable access channels and then also be able to make it into some sort of file (.AVI, .MPEG, .mp4, etc). If so, how?

Channels DVR server software uses tuners such as HDHR Prime (cablecard) or HDHR OTA tuners (antenna) as sources. The recordings Channels DVR makes are .mpg.

So, you wanted get rid of the tivo and cablecard, you would have to get a OTA tuner and good antenna, placed in best location, to suit your needs, to get your local stations.

If you have Locast service in your area, you can also use that to get your locals, but those web streams are significantly lower quality, and only available in certain areas.

Edit: also, you would need to setup the sever software on a dedicated computer/supported device and have it always on. and pay the $8 a month/ $80 a year plan for Channels DVR.

Like the previous message says, Channels DVR recordings are mpg, so you'll be able to copy them out of the directory and do whatever you want with them. But let me add to that message: the Channels DVR TV Everywhere (TVE) feature will probably work for those local access cable channels, no CableCARD required.

If you can watch local access channels via Xfinity Stream, you likely can also record them using TVE as a source. There are some channels that don't work because they aren't sent as web streams, but Channels DVR is available on a one-month trial and it's worth a try.

This is mostly incorrect.
While there is tve support for local cable channels, it is very rare that it works due to your area and support for it.
You also still have to have a streaming provider setup for it to load anything.
for me, it only gives 2 ,of the 60 some local channels, and most of the time, one of them keeps not working.

Point is, that recommendation is most likely not what they want and most certainly is not a reliable replacement source.

It's worth a try, first on Xfinity Stream and if that works then on the one-month free trial. The question is not about just any local channels, but community access channels and other neighborhood programming. I doubt there are enough members here using both TVE and local access cable channels to gather a statistically valid answer.

TVE is not a good source to use for such frequent and large amount of time recording as the Op indicated they do.
This uses internet bandwidth.
If you have an ISP, like comcast, that have data limit caps, you will use up that cap and be charged a overage fee.
(If they do not have comcast as ISP, but some other that has no limit cap, then you can stream as much as you want.)

Xfininty stream site has zero connection or anything to do with Channels.
Channles loads the feeds from the networks own website, not Xfinity or what ever providers site/service.

All good points. These are things for the OP to consider. Now we're answering the question. Local cable access channels are usually not available via OTA.

Only way I know of is with a cable card device like TiVo or HDHR Prime.
They are not available through Channels DVR TVE.
I have never found them being broadcast OTA, so doubt locast has them.

I can (but don't) record mine using Channels DVR and my HDHR Prime tuner.
They show on my cable feed as low numbered channels (in the teens).

Like i said, it varies by area. but for me, i get the same "low cable" channels that are "public access" via OTA as i did via comcast cable. all sd and random things, or city things, religious, university shows....etc. never cared for them

to the would need to check to see if those specific channels are offered elsewhere without cable, if not, the you are stuck using the cable card.

Possibly look into, i recall a ClearQAM (?) tuner where u just connect the cable line to the tuner and it picks up your analog channels. It was like you could just connect cable to a tv direct and it got channels. Only needed a cable box to get the premium and hd channels etc. However, Comcast went all digital in my area years ago, and those QAM tuners no longer could decode signal. Also, i don't think QAM tuner is compatible with Channels DVR...devs would have to chime in on that.

All current US HDHR tuners support ClearQAM channels. If your cable provider transmits unencrypted cable, you can use an OTA tuner (with it set to "Cable") to receive the broadcasts. However, PSIP (channel name, number, etc.) is rarely properly sent, so the channels will show up as 5000, 5001, etc. with little chance of finding a match for guide information.

O?I had the Prime, and it had no option to change to QAM mode and not C.C.I did try it via just strait coax, with no card, but it got no channels, that was before the full digital conversion)
also, my Qautro OTA tuner, don't see any option to change the mode to QAM and not OTA.

The tuners will auto decode ClearQAM. Also, the Prime does ClearQAM, too, if you connect your cable feed without a CableCARD.

However, these are all with digital cable; no HDHR tuner handles analog feeds.