Can not play recordings from any client [Solved]

I re-installed the Unraid Channels DVR TVE Docker container.

After installing the container and starting it, I saw all my old settings in place: recordings, series passes, channel sources, etc (as I expected).

But when I go to play a recording from either the web client or Apple TV, the player acts as if it's about to play the video file, but then nothing happens.

After trying to play the file, I see the message in the logs:
"Couldn't generate master playlist: Couldn't probe recording"

I am able to record and watch a new recording. But I have large library and would hate to access to all my previous recordings.

Any suggestions? Thanks.

You need to edit your container and make sure that a second host path is set for the folder that has your previous recordings and/or add that path as a secondary storage path in Channels.

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Are your permissions set correctly? Are your previous recordings placed in the same mount inside your container?

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You indicate this is solved, but have not mentioned what the solution was. Could you please share your solution, so others with a similar issue could have a reference when they search the forum?

(Also, I will go ahead and close the thread and mark it as solved.)

Thanks so much for recommendations from @Marino13 and @racameron. It turns out the solution was that I needed go through the standard restore process after re-installing.

The reason I did not go through the restore process initially is because when I went to the DVR admin settings page after re-install, it appeared that everything was already "restored" -- all recordings, schedules, channel listings, etc, looked to be accounted for. But then, when trying to play a recording, nothing happened.

So the solution for me was to go thorough the restore process by hitting the <dvr-server-ip>:8089/restore endpoint and following prompts to chose most recent backup from the Database directory in my shares folder in the Docker container.