Can not watch recordings

Can not access recordings from Synology DS718+. Everything else works with the hdhomerun Quad. Recordings used to work. Restarted Synology NAS, and still can not access recordings. I see the logo art and description but not the bottom menu to do anything.

I just experienced the exact same thing last nigh with my Apple TV 4k and Synology DS718+. It's been working perfectly for months and last night I can no longer access recordings. It shows how much space is available on the NAS and shows just the tiles for the shows recorded with no numbers, but no recordings are available. On the DVR page, it's showing up as 0 recordings scheduled. On my iphone and my PC, everything looks perfectly normal and I can watch the recordings. Power cycled the AppleTV, no joy. Live TV works perfectly. The recordings are a mix of HDHomeron shows and Youtube TV shows.

Same here from a Synology DS916+.

On the Apple TV, all of the recorded shows appear, but when selected none of the recorded episodes are displayed and therefore no option to play.

The good news is that when I open the Channels DVR URL from the Channels package on the Synology, I can see that all of the recorded episodes are there and I can even watch an episode from the browser. At least nothing has vanished from the Synology NAS.

This appears to be an issue with the Apple TV app.

I had the exact same problem. Once I updated my ATV app all was fine again.

I am having this exact problem running the dvr on Windows 10. Both AppleTv and iPhone show tiles but no recordings and no scheduled ones.

If I go to the dvr web page, everything is good. I played one recording from there, then went back to the Apple Tv and that recording shows up but nothing else.

Not aware of any changes.

Same here.... running Ubuntu server. I see the recordings in the Web client but cannot access them on my Apple TV

Updated the app and all is well.

I'll try updating the Channels app on Apple TV tonight...thanks!

Everything is back to normal this morning.

Go to the App Store, search for Channels and install the update 3.2.30