Can record some stations from Guide but not others

I've done quite a bit of searching but could not find this specific issue.

Using the Apple TV and my remote control, when I bring up the Guide I find that some stations provide the expected/normal Record options, both in Live tv and in Future tv. Other channels do nothing when I attempt to set up a recording.

This is consistent in the Guide for the station, even when I select a different tuner/source. I have both HDHomeRun and TVEverywhere as sources and both have guide data enabled.

I can tune to these channels with no issues. I just can't record them from the Guide. I can select and record from the web app with no problem.

I'm not sure what kind of hardware/OS you're running your server on, but is it possible that there is a clock/time synchronization or date problem on your server?

I'm running Channels in a Docker on an UnRAID server.

A little more investigation revealed that this behavior is present on the channels provided by my cablecard but not on those provided by TVEverywhere. For example, in my guide the cablecard provides ABCon a channel on channels 802 and 1002. Both of these can't be recorded from the Guide. TVEverywhere provides that channel on 6001 and I can record that from the Guide interface.

So this points to something with the cablecard. My provider is XFinity. I am also running an instantiation of Windows Media Center, fed with a different cablecard, and can record all channels there with no issues.

My workaround now will be to only display the TVEverywhere channels in the Guide. I'm still curious to figure this out.

Is your Cable Card paired and Authorized correctly ? Check the Prime logs.

Should look something like this ....

19700101-00:00:00 System: reset reason = power on
19700101-00:00:01 CableCARD: M-CARD inserted
19700101-00:00:04 System: network link 1000f
19700101-00:00:05 CableCARD: Arris/Motorola card (0000:0717)
19700101-00:00:06 CableCARD: authentication status: authentication in progress
19700101-00:00:06 CableCARD: authentication status: authentication success, validation success

Here are the messages from the Prime Log. This is when I started trying to track this down and updated Prime firmware and rebooted:

19700101-00:00:00 System: reset reason = firmware upgrade
19700101-00:00:01 CableCARD: M-CARD inserted
19700101-00:00:01 CableCARD: invalid session 0xDEAD (cchost_session:261)
19700101-00:00:03 System: network link 1000f
19700101-00:00:05 System: ip address obtained: /
19700101-00:00:06 CableCARD: Technicolor/Cisco card (0103:0001)
19700101-00:00:10 CableCARD: authentication status: authentication in progress
19700101-00:00:10 CableCARD: authentication status: authentication success, validation success
20220926-14:06:39 CableCARD: time changed from Thu Jan 01 00:00:55 1970 to Mon Sep 26 14:06:39 2022

Digging into the Prime configuration, I remember now that I had set some channels as favorites. Not sure if this is messing things up in Channels or not. When I get a chance, I will start over with the cablecard channel configuration and see what I can determine.

Thanks for your help. I appreciate it.

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I do not like that error not sure what it means ... maybe someone in Silicondust Forum can help you they can access the Prime remotely and see if everything is ok. Have you tried the HDHomeRun software to view some cable channels ?

That's not an error; it's actually a good thing. 1000f means the Prime is getting a full duplex gigabit connection to the router. (The Prime is the only HDHR with GbE.)

Good to know thanks.

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This means you don't have guide data assigned to your prime on the dvr web UI

I was pretty sure I did that. I see all the channels listed in the Guide and the programming information with it. Selected my provider by zip code, etc.

I'm wondering if I should just remove the Prime and re-add it at this point.

Yea give it a try

I'll do that this evening and report back here.


I had the same issue. I had to change my TV provider to Direct TV USA and go into channel "Manage Lineup" channel by channel and make sure each channel actually propagated to the correct source channel for the EPG info. If you have any oddball stations you may have to click the little drop down arrow and choose a provider from all known sources.