Can’t get a response from support


I’ve sent several support requests to [email protected] but haven’t gotten any response. Is this the correct email address?

Thank you :blush:

Same one I am using and also no reply. Maybe they can check Spam?

Same for me sent three emails and still no support.

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State your issue on here as it may get fixed quicker.

I'm getting a lot of dropouts and lost connections with my Vidgo TVE channels. However, my HDhomerun channels are working great.

Logs have been submitted as 6ea18498-567a-44ba-920c-427b46bf6ffa.

Vidgo seems to play fine on their app.

The App is different than the TVE sources. Channels uses TVE, so to test , you want to go to the website for the TVE channel that you notice the issue on, and login with your Vidgo credentials to see if the issue happens in a browser. If it does, then the issue is somewhere else and not a Channels issue.

If you don't know the TVE website for the channel in question, mention the channel here and I or someone will be able to point you to the TVE url to test.

Separately, did you check in Channels web GUI under "Support" > "Troubleshooting" and see if everything is marked with Green? (some of these checks, if failing, "might" be contributing to the issue.

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I’ll check espn TVE and let you know

ESPN playing great on their app.

2 things to note:

  1. The DNS not being your ISP DNS can cause issues (not always, but have seen in this forum, where not using your IPS DNS can cause issues).

  2. You say App again, but TVE is different, it utilizes web url's to get the stream, so to test this aspect, you want to go to:

And (if not already), login in with your provider (Vidgo) credentials, and see if it plays ok in your web browser.

  1. I use Hulu, so best I could try was to test (both in channels and at url above) the game:

New Orleans Saints at Carolina Panthers

For me, I had no issues (watched couple minutes).

Checking Channels DVR "Support" > "Logs" (near the end), I see:

2023/09/18 19:04:53.918351 [TNR] Opened connection to TVE-Hulu for ch6140 ESPN1

2023/09/18 19:04:53.998992 [HLS] Starting live stream for channel 6140 from (bitrate=8699)

2023/09/18 19:04:56.355458 [HLS] Probed live stream in 2.355387125s: h264 1280x720 progressive 6617657bps

2023/09/18 19:05:50.904310 [HLS] Stopping transcoder session ch6140-dANY-ip192.168.2.6 (out=59.392s finished=false first_seq=1 last_seq=28)

2023/09/18 19:05:50.911736 [TNR] Closed connection to TVE-Hulu for ch6140 ESPN1

2023/09/18 19:05:50.977049 [SNR] Buffer statistics for ch6140 ESPN1: buf=0% drop=0%

This shows no issue.

Check your logs for the time frame when you have/had issues.

And finally , you can always submit diagnostics "Support" > "Troubleshooting" and click "Submit Diagnostic Logs" and post the submission id here and the devs maybe able to look deeper.

Thanks for the info.

I just logged into the espn link and espn TVE played great.

All the Vidgo channels on channels dvr are not working. Freezing, playing, then freezing. Super slow to load any channel as well. Didn’t have the issues before.

Logs have been submitted as 69606b9b-0380-422b-b572-169d8f82bbac.

Did you try removing the Google DNS servers as a test to see if that resolves the issue?


Not sure of the steps to remove the DNS.

Just found in my Google home app