Can’t Install on NVIDIA Shield

I decided to factory reset my shield but can’t figure out how to get the DVR server re-installed. It isn’t in the play store, can’t find a link to it in the channels app, nor the app to side load it (both install options referenced on the website). Could someone help me out with this? Also, once reinstalled how to I sync it back up with the previous settings? Thanks!


I tried that but the link is broken and if I search for that app on the shield play store it doesn’t come up…?

The APK is here:

You will have to find some other app that can install it. I'll check what happened to the one we recommended.

Ok. I’m not fluent enough to really know what app I should use - any recommendations?

adblink is one you can Install apps but your Shield has to be in developer mode.

You can also install it from a command line using adb.

I don’t see that on the shield store either? Once I find one that works, do I point it to the link that was provided or something?

The downloader app has been removed by Google.

So is it not currently possible to install on the shield anymore?

You just need to install the apk. You can install Firefox app I think and put the URL there

Why is the app not in the regular Play Store?

You are having really bad luck. The original method of directly installing the Channels DVR server app from the Google Playstore was removed more than a year ago. Now the alternative method using the preferred downloader was just removed by Google a couple of days ago. It is still available in the Amazon store which does you no good. They may get it back in the Google Playstore if they can resolve the issue. Now the Firefox browser method recommeded by the developers doesn't seem to be available for Android TV. They have other browsers available, not sure if any of them will work. There are other methods to get the APK moved and installed on the Shield. I have used the Shields windows share to move the APK to the Shield from my PC and then used an app like X-plore to run the APK for installation. I don't know much about the Android TV system so I can't be much help.

Sounds like it was a tough time to do a factory reset, but the shield kept freezing up so it was kind of necessary. Can I load the app via a usb stick?


Do you need a special app to do that?

You would need a file browser installed on the Shield so you can browse and select the APK.

Ok. I used X-Plore (hope that’s a legit option?) and after giving it read/write access was able to see and install the DVR sever from the USB stick. Thanks!

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Stumbled upon the silly answer to this over on Ars Technica.

It's not silly if you are Elias...