Can’t override connection to local DVR with remote DVR

Even if I log out, select “Away From Home,” and go through the motions of signing in with my phone, Channels running on a Chromecast with Google TV keeps connecting to a locally hosted DVR instead of my remote DVR. I’m assuming this isn’t the intended behavior.

I’m in this situation because I’m visiting someone else’s place but want to access my own OTA channels. I know I can ask my host to turn off their DVR but I’d rather not just for temporary usage. And I know my server and remote access are working properly because I’m still able to stay signed in to my own DVR via an iPhone and iPad.

If possible, try disabling the setting "Enable Bonjour Discovery" on the local server. You may have to clear app data on the CCwGT app so that it "forgets" the local server. You should then be able to connect to the remote instance.

Someone else asked this same question a couple of months ago. I suggested that having your host put you on a guest network instead of their main WiFi network might provide a solution. Never got a response, so I don't know if that is a viable solution to the problem.