Can’t stream on iOS remotely


I could use Channels on my iOS devices anywhere until one day with no changes to anything it stopped working. I can remote into my Mac with another app and the server is up and I can even watch shows, but the Channels app can’t find my server. Once I’m home and on the same Wifi network it’s fine. When I turn off Wifi on my phone it can no longer find my server. I have already tried deleting and reinstalling the app and it didn’t help. Would appreciate any suggestions.


You've gone to the DVR section of the Settings, selected "Connect to Channels DVR", and then "Away From Home"?


Does load in Safari over LTE?


No, I am using Parallels’s Access app to get to my Mac remotely and then loading Safari on my Mac to see if the server was running on my Mac. It is. I can’t access the Channels server through the app or iOS Safari remotely.


That means your port forwarding is not working. You can check with to see if port 8089 is set as open.

You may need to set your DVR to Remote Access: Manual on the web settings page, then login to your router and add a rule for 8089 TCP yourself.


Ok, but why did it just stop working. This had been working perfectly for months and then one day it just stopped working. Any ideas why?



New external IP address? Router firmware lost settings? Another application on your network using UPnP to try to take over that port?

There are a multitude of reasons why it may have happened, but without additional details everything is a guess. Unless you manually curate and handle all of your network devices and topology, manually manage your routing tables, assign your IP addresses yourself, etc., then there are too many factors to give you a concrete answer.


Ok, this is no less satisfying than to have it not working. The only thing I did was to run the port checker, it said that 8089 was open. Then I turned wifi off on my phone to simulate being away and then started up the iOS app. I got the same thing I had been getting, that it couldn't find the server. I selected Try Again and I got the message asking if I wanted to Authorize it with my ID and normally it would go from that screen back to the screen saying it couldn't find the server. This time, however, it loaded up. I swear I didn't change anything. Oh well, it's working but unfortunately, I still have no idea why it stopped or started working again.


Having similar problems. iOS sees one old recording on dvr but won't show any other recordings either local or remotely.
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