Can’t watch via ATV, but I can on iPad and bedroom ATV!

Not sure what I did, but I keep getting the ‘ server can’t be discovered” message . I THINK I manually removed it accidentally when in the settings the other day.
When I try to connect manually, I type my Mac mini IP address, but it doesn’t work.
I can still access DVR on my iPad and my bedroom ATV!, but not on my main ATV.
In the channels settings on my iPad, I see the IP address where my server, the Mini, is and it’s connected, but when I try to manually connect with it on my main viewing ATV, it says” Channels DVR server was not found at the address”

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Is it connected to guest wifi maybe?

The Mac mini, where the channels software is, is Ethernet wired . It’s showing the same IP Address as it shows when I open Channels on my iPad. Yet when I get the “ dvr server could not be discovered” message, and I try to connect there and enter the same up, it keeps kicking that message out.
Channels is recording my passes as we speak, and like I said, I can watch on iPad and bedroom ATV.
So at this point, unless I watch on my iPad or go to the bedroom to watch( not doing that), this isn’t working
I seem to remember seeing something saying that I manually disconnected, but…..?

Sorry, didn’t answer your question directly. It’s not connected to a guest WI-FI

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Not sure if I made this point, but the problem watching with the living room ATV always worked fine, and the ATV works fine with everything else.
Heck, I can even mirror Channels to the ATV from my iPad and watch that way.

Do you have an Eero access point?

I do use an eero as my router. I have a usb hub connected to it, and it’s been like that for over a year with no problems.
I rebooted my modem and the eero a few hours ago, but that didn’t do anything.

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Do you have this enabled?

Can you try disabling it if you do?

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I don’t know where to find that.
But when I looked into my eero app, it shows that I have an update, so I’ll do that and see what happens.
I looked in the eero settings and do not have HomeKit set up. I knew I didn’t do it , but had to look anyway to see what was there.

Nope, doing the eero update didn’t work

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Do different Eero units offer different subnets? Does the problematic Apple TV have an IP in the same subnet as the other working devices and the server?

If they are different subnets, try changing your netmasks from (/24) to (/16).

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We might be able to help if you give us some more info. Post the ip address of the Mac mini, your bedroom atv and your main atv.
Also let us know your network topology.

Also power cycle the atv as well.

Well Damn! Power cycling the ATV did the trick. Wish I would have done that instead of rebooting it before.
Plus, you guys talking about the subnets had me feeling pretty dense.
Guess I need to study up on all of this.
Thanks everyone for all of the help. It had me a bit pissed….
But seriously, Thanks to all of the community that helps out inexperienced users like myself1

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Glad you got it sorted! Don't feel bad, I have been in IT for almost 20 years. I've forgotten to power cycle gear many times :wink: