Can the database not handle a huge amount of movies?

I decided to move my entire plex library over the channels in chunks of about 50-60 movies at a time. everything was going fine until I noticed that all of my clients (hardwired or wireless) would freeze after a while. I removed the source that had all of the movies on it, the channels dvr (linux) server then started acting like it was frozen (web ui). I rebooted the sever (took a really long time) and then now everything is back to normal working perfect.

I thought that Channels can now support much bigger database? I remember that it used to choke but I was pretty sure I read that it was a thing of the past.

I submitted server logs to see if they might shed some light. I probably added about 600 movies all total over 2-3 days


I can’t speak to your issue, but I have 603 movies in my library and have no issues. It does take a while to go through and index everything when you first add the library. If you have a low end server maybe you’re seeing some bus overload during that time? Just a guess. If I’m correct, your freeze up issue should go away after that initial period.

Channels is directly connected to the server to receive event updates like when recordings are added or updated. The backend of the app then handles updating those items and then tells the UI to update. This is how Channels reacts so nicely in real time to updates. It's really nice.

But when you're importing, the app is sort of BOMBARDED with these events and it kind of freaks out. This is most likely what you ran in to.

We're still considering options on how to make it not do this, but it's complicated and this is really only an issue at times you import a lot of things at once, which for most people happens only once.

You restarted the apps and they're working fine, and they should continue to. Channels can handle a ton of movies in the library.


Understand and that was part of it I think. The other thing is I also was messing around with a locast2tuner docker container. I created 5 custom m3u sources for 5 different locast regions (I know not supported). I saw in the logs that the server kept restarting. So I removed all of the imports before I discovered this and then I realized that it was probably the m3u sources. So I deleted them all and the problem went away.

Are you guys interested in the server crashes? I know what I was doing is out of the scope of support but I thought I would mention it just in case y'all wanted to look at it.

Sure. Submit your diagnostics and we’ll have them.

Ok cool. The diagnostics at the top of the thread should have the crashes. Let me know if they don't and I can recreate

I didn't see any signs of a crash in your logs.